Although any swim spa will perform much better than a traditional pool in the colder months, there are still some that perform much better than others. If you’re hoping to use your swim spa in the winter, finding the one that will hold up best in the cold weather can be quite a challenge. To help you out, we’ve built a list of the best swim spa brands for use in Canadian winters.

How Do You Determine Which Swim Spas Are Best For Winter?

There are many potential factors to weigh when determining which swim spas will be good in winter and which won’t. Here are a few of the most important that we used to build our list.


If your swim spa’s insulation is not up to scratch, the swim spa’s running costs will quickly get out of hand once the temperature starts to drop. To truly be winter-ready, a swim spa must be insulated on all sides as well as the floor. The swim spa cover must also offer good insulating value.

Energy Efficiency

Having good insulation is only one factor when determining the running costs of a swim spa in winter. Along with a top quality insulation system, the swim spa manufacturer must also utilize energy efficient pumps and heaters. The efficiency of the pumps and heaters are especially important during the winter as in order to keep the water heated they need to run for much longer than they do in the summer.

Quality Components

The best swim spa brands also use quality components with a proven track record of performance and reliability. This is especially important in the winter as lengthy downtimes can lead to further issues and even permanent damage to the swim spa.


When ranking the different swim spa brands available in Canada, we also considered the reputation of each brand. This includes the number of years the brand has been active, customer reviews & feedback, and their general reputation within the industry.

Available Features & Options

No two people use a swim spa the same way. To truly be considered a top quality swim spa, therefore, the brand must also offer quality features and options that allow their customers to use the swim spa in a variety of ways; from swimming and fitness to relaxation and fun.

Our Picks For The Best Swim Spa Brands For Canadian Winters

After looking at these and a few other factors, here’s our shortlist (in no particular order) for the best swim spa brands for use in Canadian winters.

Endless Pools

Endless Pools is an American swim spa manufacturer that is famous for their swim current system as well as other exclusive fitness options like their Aquabike and Underwater Treadmill. They offer both acrylic swim spas and vinyl liner pool kits with a swim system included. The Fastlane swim systems used in their swim spas can also be added to traditional in-ground pools.

Endless Pools’ focus on their swim system and other fitness features make them a serious contender for people looking for a small fitness pool, though they could improve with respect to their massage therapy and energy efficiency.

Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas is a manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas that is based in Alberta, Canada. Their claim to fame is their FreeHeat insulation system. This system totally insulates the cabinet and floor of the swim spa, greatly increasing their energy efficiency. They also offer top quality massage therapy seats, though their swim system leaves something to be desired.

Those looking for a basic plunge pool with a good massage will like Arctic’s swim spas. They offer a great range of available options, including their OnSpa control system that allows you to control your swim spa from your smart phone. Those looking for a top quality fitness pool will likely be disappointed, however.

Master Spas

Master Spas is an American brand of hot tubs and swim spas which are famous for their wave propulsion system and their signature line of swim spas backed by former olympian Michael Phelps. They’re also noted for their quality construction and a wide range of options.

Similar to Endless Pools, Master Spas’ focus on their swim system and fitness options makes them great for those looking for fitness pools but they could improve when it comes to their massage and energy efficiency.

Hydropool Swim Spas

Hydropool are a hot tub and swim spa manufacturer based in Ontario, Canada whose claim to fame is their energy efficiency and their AquaPro swim system. Their HydroWise insulation system works much the same as Arctic’s (insulating both the cabinet and the floor of the swim spa) while their Self-Cleaning filtration system provides the most effective and efficient filtration of any swim spa brand. Their AquaPro swim system also provides one of the widest, deepest and most powerful swims in the industry while their therapy seats provide a strong, relaxing massage experience.

Overall, Hydropool swim spas offer a great balance of fitness, massage therapy and energy efficiency. They also offer great flexibility with a number of different options and packages that can be used to customize your swim spa to meet your requirements, including fitness packages and smart phone powered control systems.


Swimlife is a Canadian swim spa brand that is relatively new to the industry; at least when compared to brands like Endless Pool and Hydropool. This relative lack of track record doesn’t mean a lack of quality, however, with Swimlife being noted for their build quality, energy efficiency and swim quality.

Their insulation and filtration systems are similar to Hydropool’s and Arctic’s while they also offer a good variety of different swim intensities. They do suffer a bit from a lack of track record and don’t have the same history of innovation as some of the other brands listed, however.

Which Swim Spas Are Best For Canadian Winters?

All of these swim spas will work well during the winter. The best option, in our opinion at least, is Hydropool swim spas. This is because Hydropool offers the best mix of energy efficiency, quality and features for use in Canadian winters (which is why we decided to sell them!). They have three different classes of swim system as well as many different and innovative options and packages; allowing you to completely customize your swim spa to meet your needs, without having to pay for features that you don’t want or need.

Hydropool are also one of the largest manufacturers of swim spas in Canada and have a proven track record of top quality service and reliability.

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