With more than a hundred hot tub brands on the market today, finding the best hot tub can be quite a challenge. Today we will help you narrow down your search by giving you our picks for the best hot tub brands in Canada.

What Separates The Top Hot Tub Brands For The Others?

When putting together a list of the top hot tub brands, there are many potential factors to consider. While a complete list of these factors would be far too long to put in an article like this, here are a few of the most important.

  • Quality Components. The best hot tub brands use quality components with a proven track record of performance and reliability.
  • Powerful Massage. Top hot tub brands understand the science behind delivering a powerful massage using water. They design their pumps and plumbing to be as efficient as possible to deliver a powerful and balanced massage.
  • Energy Efficiency. To be considered a top hot tub brand (at least in colder climates like those found in Canada) a hot tub manufacturer needs to produce hot tubs that are well insulated and use energy efficient pumps and heaters.
  • Flexible Seating Options. The best hot tub brands will offer multi-level seating with different jetting options designed to treat different muscle groups. This allows anyone using the hot tub to find a seat that will suit their needs.

How Did We Choose The Best Hot Tub Brands?

When deciding on our picks for the best hot tub brands available to Canadians we not only looked at the hot tubs, we also looked at the companies themselves. Some factors that we considered included:

  • Reputation. This includes the number of years the brand has been active in Canada, as well as their reputation within the industry.
  • Customer Reviews. What do their customers have to say about the brand and the hot tubs that they manufacture?
  • Innovation. The best hot tub brands should be developing new technologies and adding new unique features to their hot tubs to deliver you a better hot tubbing experience.
  • Value. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re looking for brands that offer low cost hot tubs, but rather hot tub brands that deliver the best features and options at a reasonable price for what they’re offering.
  • Our Experience. We’ve got decades of experience in the hot tub industry. We use that experience to cut through the marketing noise from the manufacturers to focus in on the things that truly make a quality hot tub.

Our Picks For The Best Hot Tub Brands In Canada

After looking at all of the hot tub brands currently available in Canada, here are our picks (in no particular order) for the best!


Beachcomber is a Canadian hot tub brand which is based out of Surrey, BC. Their initial claim to fame was the energy efficiency of their hot tubs with their unique fully insulated cabinet design; as well as the quality of their construction. They now also offer LEEP hot tubs with a more traditional construction and a more affordable price tag.

We scored Beachcomber highly for energy efficiency and overall build quality.


Jacuzzi have been a top hot tub brand for so long that their name has become synonymous with hot tubs or spas as a whole. Their hot tubs are built with quality components and typically last for many years without major issues. They are also well insulated and use small circulation pumps for their filtration system; meaning that they are very energy efficient.

We scored Jacuzzi highly for their energy efficiency, innovation (Candido Jacuzzi did, after all, invent the first water pump that could turn a bath into a hot tub), and build quality.


Hydropool is a Canadian hot tub brand based out of Mississauga, Ontario. They are best known for their industry exclusive Self-Cleaning filtration system which cuts down the maintenance time of their hot tubs significantly while also increasing their energy efficiency. Their Hydrowise insulation system further increases their energy efficiency by insulating both the shell and the outer cabinet of the hot tub; trapping in waste heat from the pumps and heaters and using it to help heat the water.

We rated Hydropool highly for energy efficiency, massage quality and flexibility, innovation and value.


Bullfrog is an American hot tub manufacturer whose claim to fame is their industry exclusive Jetpack Therapy System. This system takes customization to the next level by allowing you to choose between 18 different massage layouts for your therapy seats. Their hot tubs are also noted for having very efficient plumbing which delivers a powerful massage experience.

We scored Bullfrog highly for massage quality, flexibility, and innovation.

Coast Spas

Coast Spas are a hot tub manufacturer known for their striking design aesthetic and unique features. Their signature curve and infinity edge hot tubs are some of the best looking hot tubs in the world. Beyond aesthetics they also have efficient pressurized filtration systems and premium add-ons such as mobile app controls.

We rated Coast highly for build quality and energy efficiency.

Sundance Hot Tubs

Sundance Hot Tubs have been designing and manufacturing hot tubs in North America for almost 50 years. Their exclusive Fluidux jets are widely regarded as some of the best hot tub jets in the industry. Sundance are also well regarded for their construction and long lasting quality, as well as their water quality due to their large filters and UV sanitization systems.

We rated Sundance highly for massage and build quality as well as innovation.

Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas are another Canadian hot tub brand that places a lot of focus on energy efficiency, making them perfect for people in every climate. They are also noted for their innovation in the industry; being one of the first manufacturers in the world to offer all weather pools (aka swim spas) and smart phone control of their hot tubs.

We rated Arctic Spas highly for energy efficiency, innovation and value.

Big Box Brands (Canadian Spa Company, Strong, Evolution, Etc.)

All of the brands previously discussed are only available at locally owned hot tub specialty stores. There is a growing number of hot tub brands that are carried by big box stores, however. The most common of these “big box brands” are Canadian Spa Company, Strong and Evolution.

Though all of these brands offer different hot tubs with different features and options, they all share similar business models. That model being to provide hot tubs with lots of lights, jets and standard features at a relatively low cost. Though they do score highly for both popularity and price; their overall build quality, energy efficiency and longevity are often below the standard set by the other major hot tub brands.

So Which Hot Tubs Are Best?

Our pick for the best hot tub brand is Hydropool Hot Tubs (which is why we decided to sell them!). Hydropool’s combination of quality construction, energy efficiency, customizability and industry reputation make them the best value for money, in our opinion at least.

The only brands we would recommend avoiding would be the big box brands. This is both due to our concerns with build quality and energy efficiency as well as the lack of quality service that big brands can offer their hot tub customers. Since they don’t service the hot tub themselves, their customers are left to wait for service from third party companies hired by the store. They also lack basic services such as water testing and their employees are given little to no training on the hot tubs they sell so they’re not able to give out any real advice on the set-up or maintenance of the hot tub.

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