As we look at the pages of our calendar fly off & reach the ‘fall back’ time it is a great reminder to prep our hot tub for the prime soaking season (winter months).

The rule of thumb is to drain, clean & refill your hot tub every 3-4 months dependent on the bather load. The main reason for this is to ensure that water clarity & sanitizer overload keeps in check. When we soak in our tubs day in & day out we build the amount of bacteria, body oils, soaps from the bathing suits. These unwanted additions to the water are eliminated with our conscious application of disinfectants (such as chlorine or bromine based products). As the water ages the sanitizers becomes less effective & the oils/organics becomes more resistant. Once it becomes more of a chore to keep the water clear (daily balancing) it may be more advantageous to drain, clean & refill the tub.

Here are some tips to help you along the way to refresh your tubbing experience…

Prior to draining the tub is recommended flush your plumbing lines to reduce the buildup of Biofilm. This is best done by running a plumbing cleanser through your tub. It is encouraged to be completed every second draining to reduce the accumulation of the organics within the plumbing.

Clean Filters

Cleaning your filters not only helps keep your water cleaner longer but also extends the life of your filters. Once you remove the filters thoroughly rinse the filters with water from the garden hose. Ensure you do not apply too much pressure or you may damage the pleats. You can use the fan setting on the garden hose nozzle or you can use a designated filter cleaner nozzle such as ‘Filter Flosser’.

Once you have rinsed the filter you can either prep to put your filters back into the tub or you can use a filter cleanser to give the filters a thorough cleaning. If you choose to use the cleaner please remember to again rinse the filters with water to remove the remaining filter cleanser.

Draining Tub

When draining your tub the most important thing to do first is to turn the power off to your hot tub (unless your tub has a self draining system integrated). Once we are prepped for the drain let the water flow out of the tub. Note that a sump pump or a Quickdrain Vacuum Hose can help speed up process.

Wipe Down The Tub

You can use either a mixture of 4:1 ratio of water & vinegar or specialized organic hot tub surface cleaner such as Natural Chemistry’s ‘Clean & Perfect’ to spray down the tub. Use a shammy or soft cloth to wipe down all of the jet facings & surface of the tub. Try to wipe away all of the excess cleaner or vinegar/water mixture to reduce any possibility of the water to foam.

Fill It Back Up

When you are ready to fill the tub back up it is always a best practice to put the garden hose into the filter well so it ensures the water flows through the plumbing as the tub fills up. This will reduce the chances of having any air locks or flow errors when you start the tub up again.

Turn The Tub On

Once the water has reached the appropriate level [all jets submersed & water level is in middle of skimmer mouth (if applicable)] you can turn the power back on. Allow the water temperature to reach a minimum of 80°F add your start up chemicals (disinfectant & shock). It is also very important to ensure that you have both your pH & Alkalinity balanced to not only allow for more crystal clear water but make your bathing experience more enjoyable.

Once your water has reached your desirable temperature hop in & enjoy some relaxing hydrotherapy.

If you have any more questions about how to drain, clean & refill your hot tub or how to complete the initial balance water care, call our certified water care specialists at 905-666-5333. Did you like this post? Like us on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/TheSpaShoppe) or follow us on Twitter ( @thespashoppe) to get notified when new blog entries are posted!

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