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AquaChek Bromine Test Strips


pH: 6.2
Alkalinity: 40 ppm
Bromine: 1 ppm
Calcium Hardness: 100 ppm


Water Balancing Adjustments

Water Balancing Adjustments
pH You need add 120 g of EzpH Up (800g).

Alkalinity You need add 480 g of Alka Plus 2kg.

Bromine You need add 107 g of EzBrome+ 1kg.

Calcium Hardness You need add 1200 g of Cal Plus 1.75kg.

%TEST% You need add %VALUE% of %PRODUCT%.

Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance
EzBrom Tabs

Add 8-10 tabs weekly and adjust number as needed.

If levels are always low – open dispenser wider or increase amount of pucks/tabs added.

If levels are always high, close dispenser down a little or decrease amount of pucks/tabs added.

EzBoost Lite/Oxy Out

If water appears murky/not crystal clear but the chlorine/bromine levels are adequate it may be time to oxidize the water.

Use 250g of EzBoost Lite OR Oxy Out to oxidize the water.

Recommendation: Do this once every 1-2 weeks.

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