The Perfect Swim

Smooth & Turbulence Free Swim

Hydropool swim spas are the perfect way to swim every day! No need to turn or push off of the wall. Our swim system gives you the ability to focus on your stroke technique and enjoy a smooth, turbulence-free swim that is adjusted to your personal swim level.

Our AquaFlo swim jets provides a wider, deeper, smoother current while our AquaBoost pumps provide up to 720gpm of flow! Our swim tanks are designed without obstacles like steps or benches for your feet to hit in the swim lane; allowing you to focus on your swimming and giving you a far superior swimming experience than any other swim spa available today.


  • Wider, deeper, smoother current than any other system on the market.
  • Exclusive swim fins on our AquaFlo jets provide a turbulence-free swim.
  • Our swim jets do not add air to the swim current, making for a more natural feeling swim experience.
  • Jets are backlit to light the swim current.
  • 2 1/2″ jet intake provides increased water flow to the jets for a more powerful swim.



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  • Allows the swimmer to vary the flow of water at the touch of a button.
  • Allows for easy adjustment of the swim intensity from 0-100% power.
  • Perfect for swimmers of every level; from beginner to advanced.
  • More efficient than manual diverters; allowing for an incredible 0-18km/h (0-11mph) flow rate!
  • Provides interval training ability.


  • No protruding steps or seats in the swim area for an unobstructed swim.
  • Complete loop current design to avoid backsplash and shelters the lounge seats from the swim stream.
  • Stabilization jets to keep you in the swim lane.
  • Swimlane moulded into the floor to indicate optimal swim current location.
  • Reinforced sides for added strength

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