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If you are a competitive swimmer, or a member of your family is, or if swimming is one of your preferred ways to exercise, having your own pool may be a dream of yours. Hydropool has a better alternative for you: Canadian-made swim spas.

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Unlike traditional swimming pools, a swim spa enables you to focus on your technique. There are no steps or benches to maneuver around, so you can concentrate on breathing properly and perfecting your stroke. Hydropool swim spas boast the industry’s smoothest, widest, and most powerful swim lane, thanks to their wide-stream jets.

Despite the strong jets, you will experience a turbulent-free swim. You can also adjust the swim intensity with a simple touch of a button. This means any first-time swimmers in your family can use the swim spa without the added challenge of a current, and you can increase the power to help you train for a triathlon or decrease it to get a great low-impact workout. Additionally, interval training is made possible with this system. Switch from swimming a leisurely lap to fighting against a strong current the next lap. It’s all up to you.

For your convenience, the jets are backlit to indicate the swim current. Stabilization jets help you stay in the swim lane, and the lane is moulded into the floor to show the optimal swim current location. It’s like having a personal swim coach at home with you.


One of the obstacles most people mention when it comes to owning a pool is the maintenance. Not only can it be costly, but it can also be time-consuming and confusing. Plus, you have to worry about storing chemicals safely. Hydropool swim spas take all these challenges away, so you can enjoy swimming and relaxing without the extra headaches of pool ownership.

How are our swim spas different? For one, they’re the only self-cleaning spas in the industry. It cleans 100% of the water every 45 minutes using a closed, pressurized filtration system and a floor vacuum.

Our swim spas also use saltwater instead of harsh chlorine. Through a simple process, sodium bromide creates bromine, which is more stable and less likely to evaporate than chlorine. The bromine quickly kills any microbiological contaminants, including algae and bacteria.

You can alter the bromine level electronically, and your swim spa needs to be drained only once annually. Best of all, you will have none of the side effects of chlorine, such as the strong odor and the chemical feel of the water.

Hydropool swim spas are the most energy-efficient in the industry, as well. The filtration system uses high-flow, low-energy pumps. Our insulation protects the swim spa’s equipment and takes advantage of the waste heat from its pumps and heater.

With 13 models, from smaller ones perfect for use indoors to large ones that include a hot tub, and fully customizable options, there’s a swim spa for you and your family.

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