With every year that passes, swim spas are becoming more and more popular. Their ease of maintenance, low running costs and ability to be used year-round make them an ideal alternative to traditional swimming pools. With backyards becoming smaller and smaller, their ease of installation and versatility are also big selling points.

While most prospective swim spa buyers love how easy swim spas are to own, some also often have trouble figuring out how to fit them in with their existing backyard. With that in mind, here are some great examples of swim spa installations that will fit into any backyard design.


Above ground swim spa installations are the most basic, easy, and least expensive way to install a new swim spa. Just because they’re basic, doesn’t mean they have to look bad though. In fact, some of our favourite ever swim spa installs are above ground installations!

There are three main types of above ground swim spa designs; stand-alone, edge of deck, and raised deck installs.

Stand-Alone Installs

Stand-alone installations are by far the simplest way to install a swim spa. All you need to do is pour a concrete pad for the swim spa to sit on, and you’re ready to go!

Swim spa stand alone install

Edge Of Deck Installs

One of the more popular ways to install a swim spa, edge of deck installations allow you to better incorporate your swim spa with your existing backyard design. Simply pour your concrete pad next to your existing deck, or extend your deck to meet up with your new swim spa!

Edge of deck installs help blend your swim spa into your backyard without too much custom work. They also allow you to eliminate prefabricated entry steps that can often look cheap or unattractive.

Raised Deck Installs

Looking for more of an in-ground pool look? Try a raised deck install! Raised deck swim spa designs are a lot like edge of deck installs; except in this case the deck is built around the swim spa after it has been installed. This allows you to completely surround the swim spa, giving you an in-ground look.

One thing you must consider with raised deck installs is equipment access. Your swim spa’s pumps, heater and other equipment must remain accessible in case they ever need servicing. There is nothing worse than ripping apart an entire deck just because a pump seal needs to be replaced!

To make sure your equipment is accessible, always make sure that you leave enough room under the deck for service people to access the swim spa. You should also make sure that there are no posts or other obstructions within 2-3 feet of the front and back of the swim spa, to allow service people the space they need to work.

If your deck will be too low to work under, consider adding removable panels in the deck at the front and back of the swim spa.


In-ground installations are the most complicated and challenging swim spa installs. When done correctly, they can also be the most stunning.

When installing a swim spa in the ground, there are a few things to consider:

  1. The Bunker. Your swim spa will not only need to sit on a concrete pad, it will also need a set of concrete walls (usually made of concrete blocks rather than poured concrete) to keep away the dirt. When designing this concrete “bunker” keep in mind the serviceability of the swim spa. Make sure that you include a 3ft wide “service area” at the front and back of the swim spa.
  2. Drainage. Make sure that your design includes proper drainage to protect the swim spa’s electronics from groundwater and flooding. You can do this with either a French drain or a sump pump.
  3. Underground Lines. Before you excavate, make sure to check if there are any buried gas, electric or cable lines present where you want to dig. Contact your local building department for more info.


Partially in-ground swim spa installs can give you a premium look without as much hassle as a fully in-ground install. They allow you to lower the swim spa, without worrying as much about things like drainage.


Indoor swim spa installations are great if you want to use your swim spa year-round, or if your backyard simply isn’t big enough to accommodate a swim spa.

While indoor swim spa installs can be beautiful and extremely convenient long term, there are a few things to consider when coming up with a design.

  1. Moisture. Swim spas generate a lot of steam, especially if they’re being set at hot tub temperatures. This can make the room that they’re in very humid, and can lead to mould, drywall damage and warping of wood floors. To avoid this, make sure that proper ventilation is installed.
  2. Splash. When people (especially children) use a swim spa, some water will always splash out. Make sure you choose flooring that can stand up to being wet on a regular basis. You should also make sure that they don’t get too slippery when they are wet.
  3. Drainage. In the unlikely event that your house floods (or that the swim spa begins to leak) make sure you install a proper drainage system.


Didn’t find anything that you like? Want some more swim spa design ideas? Contact us for more swim spa installation pictures. Need some advice? We can come out for a free site inspection and give you some advice on how to properly incorporate a swim spa into your backyard.

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