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After many years of being the preferred method of sanitization for pools, salt water sanitization has now become available for hot tubs! Saltwater sanitization works by passing regular table salt ( sodium chloride), dissolved in water, across a low voltage electric current. That current energizes the salt molecule, which combines with the hydrogen found in water to form usable chlorine sanitizers. The eZ Ultra Pure salt system from Hydropool takes that same principle and uses sodium bromide to create usable bromine.

Why bromine?

Bromine is a chemical element with properties that are very similar to chlorine. Bromine is a more stable sanitizer and will not evaporate like chlorine at the higher temperatures found in hot tubs. Bromine also maintains its effectiveness over a wider pH range, staying at 85% effective at a pH of 7.8, while chlorine is only 30% effective.

low maintenance

After the simple start-up procedure is done simply fill your spa with water and add the convenient eZ Bank sodium bromide solution. The eZ Ultra Pure salt system then generates and releases bromine into the spa water, rapidly destroying any microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, algae, and any organic matter given off by bathers.

No more confusion about chemicals! You don’t need to wonder what chemicals to add – once installed, the eZ Ultra Pure salt system generates the proper amount of bromine for your hot tub. Any adjustments to the bromine level are made right at the keypad. Since there are none of the additives and binders found in traditional chemicals being added to the water, our salt water hot tubs will only need to be drained 1-2 times per year!

Away for a while? With the eZ Ultra Pure salt system, even if your schedule takes you away from your hot tub for weeks, you’ll still enjoy a clean and clear spa when you return. While you’re away the system will continue to generate the perfect amount of bromine, based on the setting you select.

Why not spend your leisure time enjoying your hot tub, instead of maintaining it?

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clean, clear, great feeling water

No more chlorine odor! The eZ Ultra Pure salt system produces bromine, so there’s never the harsh scent of chlorine to deal with. Since it produces pure bromine, without the additives and binders found in traditional chemicals, the water will have a softer, more natural feel to it.


Will the sodium bromide evaporate?

No, the only way the sodium bromide is lost is through splash out. Small doses of sodium bromide will need to be periodically added as fresh water is introduced. The keypad will display a warning when the sodium bromide level decreases.

Will the water taste salty?

No, the level of sodium bromide needed is less than 10 times the ppm (parts per million) of salt found in the ocean, and well below the threshold that humans can taste.

Is the system running 24 hrs a day?

The system will only produce bromine when the hot tub is filtering. For best results, you should set your hot tub’s filtration to run between 8-12 hours a day.

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