Cal Spas offer a wide variety of seating to that offer a full body massage experience to people of all sizes. When you need to accommodate a group, the Cal Spas Bench Seat can fit an entire party.

The Lounge Seat features spa jets that are specially positioned to target the upper and lower body during soothing hydrotherapy sessions. The ergonomic design ensures that spa users do not float out of the seat from the water pressure.

The Kool Seat allows your body to acclimate to a new temperature whether you are entering or exiting the spa. This transition seat is elegantly designed in order to keep spa users half-immersed for a proper transition from one temperature to another.

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Cal Spas offer a wide variety of jetting, each designed to provide a different massage experience. With jets that focus on deep tissue massage, soft tissue massage, and medium tissue massage you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

The Velocity™ jets are also positioned in various configurations to deliver unique hydrotherapy massages that pinpoint specific areas of the body.

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If it’s onsite service you need, The Spa Shoppe can handle that too. We offer onsite inspections and estimates across the entire Durham region and surrounding areas! Contact us to schedule an appointment, or stop by to meet us in person. Our trained experts are ready to handle all of your pool and spa needs!


Cal Spas also offer two unique massage therapy experiences; the Adjustable Therapy System (ATS) and Hydrossage.

The patented ATS Plus seat features a dedicated motor and control panel that allows you to personalize your massage to nine distinctive pressure levels. The jets can be programmed to emit various massage patterns to suite your comfort level. 

Hydrossage is a gentle massage that is meant to relieve deep tissue muscles. You can move your body side to side or up and down to get a full body aquatic massage.

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