Energy Efficiency


Cal Spas Thermo-Shield utilizes environmentally-friendly technology to keep the soothing heat of your tub’s waters locked in at all times. First, a 3” thick insulation material comprised of post-consumer recycled denim is thermally bonded with a 99% pure aluminum reinforced foil sheet creating a radiant heat shield.

This technology directs the system’s residual heat back into the spa for increased heating efficiency. A dual-walled layer of reflective bubble foil is installed under the spa’s floor to reflect ambient heat upward throughout the tub. Lastly, a unique thermoplastic polymer liner locks in heat while keeping external moisture out.

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Your Cal Spas tub will always be as warm and inviting as the last time you left it thanks to our Cal-Armor 4” to 2” tapered hot tub cover. Constructed of ultra-durable polyester, our covers are specially designed to maximize heat retention and protect your hot tub from the elements.

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