Hot tub tent sales (also known as “truckload sales”, “hot tub expos” or “event sales”) is the name commonly given to a hot tub sale where the retailer brings in truckloads of new hot tubs in the hopes of selling as many as they can in a short amount of time, usually in just one weekend. They are called tent sales because the hot tubs are usually displayed under a large tent in a parking lot.


While hot tub retailers at tent sales often use inflated list pricing to make it seem as though you’re saving more than you really are, the reality is that tent sales still offer great deals. In fact, even sales are often where you will find the best pricing on a new hot tub. To understand why let’s take a quick look at how hot tub event sales work.


The main reason why retailers are able to offer lower pricing during event sales is simple; volume. Rather than ordering one or two hot tubs every few weeks, tent sales allow retailers to buy 20+ hot tubs all at once.

Not only do hot tub manufacturers offer better pricing on larger orders, they also commonly include free freight to the retailer. These price breaks allow retailers to lower their pricing, without sacrificing their bottom line.



Although event sales offer a great opportunity for hot tub retailers to sell a lot of hot tubs in a short amount of time, they’re also a risk. Not only do the retailers have to purchase a lot of hot tubs, they also have to staff the event and pay to rent space in a parking lot. Retailers that don’t sell a lot of hot tubs are often left with big bills and a lot of extra hot tubs sitting around.

As a consumer, you can take advantage of this. Most retailers are willing to lower their pricing further in order to make a sale. While you likely won’t be able to talk them into lowering their prices by $1000’s of dollars, you might be able to save yourself another $500.

If you’re having a hard time negotiating with your salesperson, try talking to an owner as they are usually more motivated to make a sale. If you can’t get them to reduce the price, try getting them to throw in extra accessories or upgrades.

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Always try to negotiate before buying a hot tub.

Buy Before The Sale Starts

Event sales need to be planned out months in advance. As you’re shopping for hot tubs, ask the retailers if they have any event sales coming up. Most will be more than happy to sell you one of their event sale hot tubs!

Not only will you get a great deal, you’ll also first pick of the available event sale hot tubs. If you’re lucky and the hot tubs haven’t been ordered yet, you may even get to choose your own colours and options. A custom ordered hot tub at event sale pricing!

Check Back When The Sale Is Over

When an event sale is over, retailers have two options for their unsold hot tubs.

  1. Return them to the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will take back unsold tent sale hot tubs, however, they will charge the retailers for return shipping as well as a hefty restocking fee.
  2. Keep the unsold hot tubs. In this scenario, the retailer is stuck with the full cost of the unsold hot tubs and may even have to pay extra storage fees if they don’t have enough free space in their warehouse.

Neither of these scenarios are good for the retailer. A couple of days after the sale is over, check back in with the retailer to see if they have any unsold hot tubs. If you’re not picky about the colour of your new hot tub, you may be able to get a really good deal!

Research The Retailer

Before buying a hot tub at a tent sale, it is important to take some time to research the retailer that is selling them. What are other people saying about them? How long have they been in business? Do they service what they sell? What do they include with delivery? Poor after sales service can ruin any hot tub buying experience. Doing a bit of research now can save a lot of headaches later!

Knowing who you’re buying your hot tub from is extremely important. We’ve been providing superior after sales service since 2005.

Consider Ongoing Costs

The last thing to think about when buying a hot tub at a tent sale is the ongoing costs of running the hot tub. Getting a great deal on your new hot tub doesn’t mean much if it costs you an arm and a leg to run. For this reason, it is a good idea to factor in the “cost to own” the hot tub as well as the initial cost to buy it.

When looking at the cost of ownership there are two things to consider:

  1. Monetary cost. How energy efficient is the hot tub? Some hot tubs have to run 24 hours per day in order to keep the water clean, clear and properly heated. Others, like Self-Cleaning Hydropool Hot Tubs, only need to run 6-8 hours per day. This can lead to thousands of dollars in energy savings over the lifespan of the hot tub.
  2. Time cost. People buy hot tubs in order to relax, not to spend all their time trying to properly maintain it. While some hot tubs seem to need almost constant attention to ensure the water stays clear, Self-Cleaning Hydropool Hot Tubs only require minutes of maintenance per week; giving you more time to relax and enjoy your purchase!


  • Hot tub tent sales are a great way to get a great deal on a new hot tub.
  • Talk to the owner of the business to get a better deal.
  • Some retailers will allow you to buy before the sale starts, giving you the first choice of the available hot tubs.
  • Be sure to research the retailer before buying to make sure that you’ll have a positive after sales experience.
  • Consider ongoing costs as well as purchase costs. If it costs you an arm and a leg to run your hot tub, was it ever really a good deal?

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